Process Maskin Automation AB

We can help you with electric or automation project

With broad competence in automation, we perform all types of commitments and can deliver everything from parts of a project to a complete solution.

PMA AB was founded in 2010 and has had fantastic growth over the past 10 years. Today we are 35 employees with specialist knowledge and long experience.

Problem aquired

When there is a problem, there is an opportunity disguised as a solution.


Our engineers will find you efficent and tailor-made solutions on your problems.


We have the ability to construct solutions in electrical and mechanic.

Building & testing

Our engineers test eveything before delivery to ensure.


We have the capability to manage installation both in sweden and internationally, to ensure quality.


Commissioning and delivery of projects to client.


Project is fully operational in your supply chain for production.

Increased productivity

With increased efficency in your facility, production and competitiveness will increase.


P Maskin Automation AB
Alfred Fjelners Väg 2
SE-291 67 Fjälkinge

Organisationnumber 556794-5778

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